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ARTICLES ABOUT Brahma Tirta Sari:
"Titik Pertama, Titik Utama: Creating and Connecting the Dots in Modern-Indigenous Batik Art," Astri Wright, in Nora Taylor and Boreth Ly, Eds., Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: A Critical Anthology, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

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Springs Australia
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“Seidenmmalerei-Hdanbuch V (Contemporary Experimental Textiles)”. Rudolf G. Smend Gallery, Cologne, Germany.
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“Brahma Tirta Sari”. James Bennett. TAASA Review (Australian Society of Asian Art), Spring 1992: Sydney, Australia.
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Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia
Edith Cowen University, Perth, Australia
Museum & Galleries of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia
Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
Museum and Galleries of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Museum and Art Galleries of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Museum and Art Galleries of Southern Australia, Adelaide, Australia
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
Art Bank of Australia, Canberra, Australia
Residence of Ambassador of Australia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Wollengon City Museum, Wollengon, Australia
Threads of Life Foundation
Textile Museum Washington DC
Private Collections

“Hot Wax”. Documentary film about the collaboration of Brahma Tirta Sari & Utopia Urapuntja, Central Australia. Filmed for the Australian Educational Television Station. Hilary Furlong, 1996.
Shown at Museum Asian Civilizations, May 2002

Oriental Hotel Esplanade Singapore

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